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BLOG… at my age what’s that?

BLOG… at my age what’s that a BLack hOG? Anyway this is my first and not my last. After getting jerked around by multiple web designers and paying 1000’s to have a modern, easy, well designed web site… FINALLY! We are there. Thanks John Honeycut (email).

I hope you all enjoy what we are trying to make available with our style, creativity and quality workmanship. We have done a ton of O School Choppers but only the past 3 years started doing the stretch bagger.  They look cooool but I just have to question how nice they ride. Talking to the bagger guys they tell me the market is drying up and slowed way down the past year . What’s next let me know your thoughts, where we should look and what we should build.

Also just wanted to shout out to my son Adam for his latest EASY RIDER cover bike “Disco Bitch” congrats son. Till later OSCHOOL… ur or u arnt.

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