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So let’s talk about our World Wide Family.

So lets talk about our World wide family. Over the past 18 years we have had awesome visitor from France, Denmark Russia, Bulgaria, China, Japan Philippines,  Australia,  Brazil, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico, most of the 50 states. When they tour the shop they usually leave with our T-shirts. Some of you have sent pics but I need all our visitor to send pics with the O School Choppers shirt on riding in your favorite part of the country or just posing.

I want to build a collage of our world wide crew on the bottom of the home page. So if you got those pics just send them to and I’ll start posting them. We know you…You were here…Lets get them posted. If you don’t have a shirt, visit the Ebay store or purchase directly from our shop in 30 days when our shop store is up.

BTW you can view 400,000 custom, chopper and Harley Davidson parts on line and buy them thru O School Choppers web site in 30 days, I’ll let you know.

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